CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS has been customizing sports jerseys and uniforms for over 20 years for professional sports teams to the local league teams. All our work is done in-house by professional sewers or by state- of- the art machinery.   

There are 3 different types of customization offered for team logos and 3 different types of customization for team letters and numbers. Below is an overview to help you make the right choice for your team.


Embroidered Twill Patch

Our Embroidered Patches combine quality embroidery with a laser-cut twill patch for a 3-dimensional look. Twill is the preferred choice of professional sports teams because of the vibrant colours and high quality. Layers of twill are embroidered together to form a long-lasting high impact team logo. The combinations of twill and thread colour are endless. The final step is to sew the team logo onto the front of the jersey.

Sublimated Twill Patch

Sublimation is the term used when a full colour dye is applied onto twill fabric under a very high heat process. This high heat will seal the colours into the fabric to ensure they do not run or fade. The result is a sharp and colourful logo that is able to show lots of details that will not fade or chip. This process is perfect for elaborate or intricate designs and is faster and more cost effective than embroidery.

Full Colour Digital Print Transfer

New technology allows for the printing of full-colour logos directly onto the jersey resulting in a logo that is very clear and colourful. This is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to get a team logo onto a jersey and you can add any design, colour or pattern.


Single Layer Twill

A single layer of high-quality tackle twill is laser cut to ensure sharp edges and reduce the possibility of fray, they are then stitched directly onto the jerseys.

Multi Layer Twill

Layers of tackle twill are laser cut to ensure perfect edges and then sewn together. Once the letters and number are complete, they are then sewn onto the jersey. Layered twill offers the opportunity to add impact through the use of different colours and provide a 3-Dimensional looko. Ex. Anaheim mighty ducks

Sublimated Twill

Colours and design are dyed directly onto the precision laser cut twill number or letter using a high heat process and are then sewn onto the jersey. This option lets you be creative by letting you add patters and various colours.

Full Colour Digital Print Transfer

This is the fastest and most inexpensive way to get team letters and names onto jerseys. A range of colours and details can be added to the jersey. A full colour print transfer is heat applied directly to the jersey.